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  • Your walking guide to the unofficial after party of Thunderdome

    How to get to Terugspoelen!?
    Club Poema is just a 12-minutes’ walk from de Jaarbeursplein. Almost the entire route is covered: you will be dry if it rains.
    Watch the clip below for how to get to the After Party Madness:

    You can find Club Poema at Drieharingstraat 22 – 3511 BJ Utrecht.
    It’s in downtown Utrecht, so you even can include it to your touristic experience along the Utrecht canals & wharves.

    Club Poema is literally next to Utrecht Central Station.
    You don’t have to worry how to get home: there are trains/busses/trams to all directions in the Netherlands + there almost direct connections to Germany & Belgium.

    For a personal route planner, check NS, 9292, Google, DB & B.

    If you’re by car to Thunderdome, don’t worry. The venue is just 12 minutes away from de Jaarbeursplein.

    If you’re driving straight from your home to de Poema, hit this.

    What’s more?
    Tickets are 12 Euro at the door and in the presale (fee is included).
    The benefit of a presale ticket is that you have a 100% guarantee of entrance.

    For all the other info, visit